Surrender Your Dane

Our Surrender Process: We ask that you first complete the Surrender Form as this gives us most of the important information about the Great Dane and his/her individual needs. We ask that you complete as much information as you can and be as honest as possible as we need to know as much as possible so we can determine how best to help.


The Danes we can accept are taken into one of our foster homes, we do not have a kennel or shelter. So before we will commit to taking any dog into our program, we prefer to have one of our volunteers go meet him or her first. All of our Danes live indoors, as part of the foster home’s family, and while in rescue we work with each dog on any issues he/she might have — such as improving manners, obedience training, etc.



Each dog is seen by our Vet, brought current on shots, if needed, spayed/neutered, and any other medical problems are taken care of. We keep each Dane a minimum of two weeks for evaluation and determine what type of home that the dog needs and then we work to match them up with the most suitable home. We carefully screen all applicants, to help ensure that the dogs are going to a loving, secure home and that the Dane’s needs match those of the prospective home. We have an adoption team that reviews all applications; that include home ownership or landlord checks as well as a veterinarian reference to make sure adequate care was provided to past and present pets. Finally we do an in home visit to ensure the home is secure and ready for a Great Dane.


When we place each Dane, we do quite a bit of Dane education, regarding feeding, raised feeders, bloat, etc., to try to help limit any problems the new owner will have with the Dane. We also are available for help with questions or problems that the new owner may have. We have a very high success rate of adoptions as we put a lot of time and effort into ensuring the adoption match is solid and get very few back into rescue.

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