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Foster Requirements

Northwest Florida Great Dane Rescue relies on its amazing team of volunteer fosters to be to help danes in need from all over the Southeast.


We are based in Pensacola FL, however, our foster range area covers most of northern Florida from Pensacola to Panama City to Tallahassee to Jacksonville; as well as the Alabama cities of Mobile, Dothan, Montgomery and Auburn. We prefer our fosters be within a 45-minute range of one of our partner vets in the cities listed above.


If you are near to any of these areas and would be willing to foster for us, please read over our foster requirements below.

1. All Dogs and Cats in your home MUST be spayed or neutered.
We will call your vet to verify this. We allow exceptions to this in rare medical instances upon verification with your vet, only. 


2. All Dogs in your home MUST be current on annual vaccinations and monthly (or semiannual) heartworm and flea prevention. We will call your vet to verify that all dogs in your home are current. We allow exceptions to this in rare medical instances upon verification with your vet, only. 


3. You must be 21 years of age or older to foster for the rescue.


4. If you do not own the property in which you live, your landlord must be willing to verify that you are allowed to have a Great Dane in your rental home. We will call your landlord to confirm this. We check property records.


5. A home visit is required for ALL fosters, without exception. This is not a white-glove inspection, rather it is to ensure that the home is a safe environment for the Foster and that everyone in the household is on board for bringing in a Great Dane in need.


6. We only foster our Danes as INDOOR pets. We will not allow our Danes to be used as guard dogs or to be kept out-of-doors in foster care.


7. Most Danes require sturdy fencing, generally, six feet or higher privacy fencing is preferred. In certain instances, we may waive or alter this requirement depending upon the Foster Dane's personality and temperament. Any such exceptions will solely be at the discretion of the Rescue Board.


8. Each dane is placed in the most suitable foster home for him/her, based upon his/her individual needs and temperament.


We hold our fosters to the same requirements as our adopters. The following process applies to fosters and can take a few weeks to complete.

We complete the process in this order:




Property Record Check


Vet Reference Check


Home Visit


Matching of the Dane

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